The new interface that might enable data transfers even faster than SATA 3.0 is Intel’s “Thunderbolt”, which can supposedly have transfer speeds of 10 GBps.  The Washington Post does a breakdown:

On this post, I’d like to begin a running list of expected changes between BPC 7.0 (NW) and BPC 5.1. The Ramp-up period is expected to conclude this month (February).

Note: Most of these will be true even with the Microsoft platform version as well.

What is In
Integration with NetWeaver BI
Increased dimensionality
New Validations engine
Integration with BI Accelerator
Improved dynamic templates
Lifecycle Management (transports)
Statistics framework for monitoring
64-bit ABAP A/S support
Database neutrality
Debugging capabilities (ABAP only)

What is Out
Dynamic Hierarchy Editor
SQL-Logic in Script Logic
Some EV functions
Ability to rename a member, delete a member being used, reduce the length of a property
Custom Menus

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