On this post, I’d like to begin a running list of expected changes between BPC 7.0 (NW) and BPC 5.1. The Ramp-up period is expected to conclude this month (February).

Note: Most of these will be true even with the Microsoft platform version as well.

What is In
Integration with NetWeaver BI
Increased dimensionality
New Validations engine
Integration with BI Accelerator
Improved dynamic templates
Lifecycle Management (transports)
Statistics framework for monitoring
64-bit ABAP A/S support
Database neutrality
Debugging capabilities (ABAP only)

What is Out
Dynamic Hierarchy Editor
SQL-Logic in Script Logic
Some EV functions
Ability to rename a member, delete a member being used, reduce the length of a property
Custom Menus

On Friday, January 23rd, Microsoft announced their new “BI Strategy” in which the main planning component of PPS will receive one further update in SP3 in June, but will have no further development after that point.

Specifically, this will affect two component pieces.  The Planning Business Modeler and the Excel Add-in.  The Monitoring & Analytics, Dashboarding, and ProClarity pieces will be rolled into Sharepoint Server beginning on April 1st.  More from The BI Blog:


Microsoft BI Strategy Update

Hi everyone,

I wanted to provide an important update on the Microsoft BI strategy!  For over ten years we’ve been on a mission to deliver BI to everyone in the organization, and have made strides towards achieving this goal through the broadly adopted tools of SharePoint, Excel, and the SQL Server BI platform. Based on customer feedback, we’re announcing today that Microsoft is consolidating the scorecard, dashboard, and analytical capabilities from PerformancePoint Server into SharePoint Server as PerformancePoint Services, making these capabilities available to millions of SharePoint users around the world. This move helps us extend our vision to deliver BI more broadly to everyone in the organization at a lower total cost of ownership.  Our customers keep telling us—my IT spend is not going up—how can you help me?  Well, help has officially arrived!

Now you might be wondering what will happen with rest of PerformancePoint Server?  In mid 2009, we will release PerformancePoint Server 2007 “Service Pack 3” which will include updates to the product’s planning module. Thereafter, our customers and partners should not expect further investment in standalone versions of PerformancePoint Server.  Throughout this process the support of our planning customers is our top priority.  But in the end, these changes enable our customers around the world to deploy a complete BI solution in many cases with existing investments in SharePoint Server, SQL Server, and Excel, the most widely used analysis and planning tool in market today!

Want more information?  Take a few minutes and watch this video with Guy Weismantel, Director of Microsoft BI. In it, Guy explains these changes and the future value Microsoft customers will gain from this strategy.

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